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Sook Satharana

Mobile application on both ios/andriod systems, iPensook is a self-monitoring solution that can be linked to a health care provider to monitor the activities, diets and medical indicators of seniors on a daily basis.



Diamond Brand Electric Motercycle Service.,LTD.

Diamond electric bikes assist the elderly to get around without the pollution of petrol driven engines. 3-wheel formats provide extra stability, and come with their own chargers.



Plantation CO.,LTD

Holistic Health & Wellness Chair is designed base on the Eastern Knowledge, Principle of India Ayurveda, Prana, Chakra & Aura. The chair is for balancing the endocrine system and generate a better health. It is suitable for one who would like to get a better health and also for the premium age who have got a symptoms of high blood pressure, heart, diabetes etc.. To use this chair is to sit at least 1 hour everyday in order for stimulating the endocrine system working more balance for a better health. This chair is suggestible as an additional healing tool at home


พรอพโพลิซ เมาท์ สเปรย์


New solution for Mouth & Throat Propoliz® Mouth Spray contains: Green Propolis extract 1%, Honey, Menthol, Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil Indication: 1. Tonsillitis 2. Throat Irritation 3. Hoarse (Voiceless) 4. Gingivitis 5. Toothaches 6. Inflammation after Procedure 7. Stomatitis 8. Bad Breath Feature and Benefit:  Relief mouth and throat inflammation with antimicrobial effect covering all bacteria, virus and fungi  Promote wound healing in mouth & throat  At 1st using, the pain is reduced 38%  Alternative choice for reducing use of antibiotic medicine  Mild taste with propolis extract and honey  No Methylsalicylate contains, do not cause irritation to mouth and throat  Refresh mouth and throat with mint aroma  Pack in tiny bottle, modern and convenience. Dosage: All natural ingredients, no harmful, can use as frequently as needed. Spray into the inflammatory area 2-3 puff/ times as frequently as you need to reduce pain and promote wound healing. Spray 2-3 puff deep into vocal cord before and after using loud voice for a long time to refresh the voice For all ages.


Ekasilp Industry Ltd., Part.



ฺฺBlessed Products of Asia Co., Ltd.

USDA Organic certified soap are made from the best organic ingredients such as organic coconut oi, organic shea butter and organic olive oil which can nourish skin. The organic ingredients help soften dry skin. There is no preservative or chemical added in the soap, the aroma from organic essential oils are the most pleasant because the scent is very refreshing and relax.


WC PEEC ห้องน้ำในรถแบบพกพา

Fitmold Solution

WC PEEC : Patented Disposable Urination Bag • Special Designed Applicator for women and everyone • Environmental Friendly : Made of Biodegradable Plastic • Easy to use with handle and spill proof • Ziplock and Good Quality Bag, Leak Proof • 1000ml Capacity • Liquid Meter Shown • LIQUIDOP TM Turn liquid into gel and odorless



CT Asia Robotics

Innovative robot developed for care of the elderly, monitoring health and communicating to relatives and doctors using WiFi. It operates autonomously, so there is no need to learn how to use it.



M&P World Polymer CO., LTD.

In one set combined with 1. Rubber Foam Base 2 Bases 2. Pole 5 Poles 3. Rubber Foam Loop 6 Loops Note : Our material is Rubber Foam which is soft and safe for player.