01 July 2014

AEON's Fashion private Brand for Age of 70

AEON's Fashion Private Brand for Age of 70

~Data Analyze and Comfort~ collaboration with Bunka Fashion College

AEON starts selling Private Brand wear targeting women in age of 70. Collaborate with Bunka Fashion College, they develop and sell 10 comfortable wears for over 70 years old women newly every month introducing the data analyzing the aged women body by 3D measuring machine. They aim to sell 2 billion yen in 2014.

It is bold challenge for retailer to sell garment targeting specifically age of 70, there is no special fashion shop to sell garment for over 70 years old ladies in Japan. AEON intends to increase the demand of senior women by creating garments with sensitive attention.

AEON has developed high value added PB “Top Value Select”. Under the catch copy “Made a Comfortable Wear”, and they are selling senior ladies garment at all AEON GMS nationwide.

The price range is higher Y1,000~2,000 of ordinary Top Value garment, such as cotton blouse Y4,980, or Y5,800 “knit cardigan”.

The reason why AEON decided to challenge to develop garment for over 70 years old women, it because of the report by Bunka Fashion Collage who had proceeded questionnaire hearing senior ladies about the ready-made garments. The laboratory of Bunka found that almost 70 years old women are not satisfied the current ready-made garments as their body shape has been changed, they feel unsatisfied current ready-made fashion “the garment make me not good looking and feel uncomfortable”.

With collaboration Prof. Yumiko Ito, Director of Laboratory of Bunka Fashion Collage, they started creating new model body and pattern of around 75 years old person, and all developed garments can fit the body of aged persons since they are produced based on the data.

According to Mr. Toru Yokoyama, General Manager, Lady's Goods Merchandise Dept.

AEON Retail Co., Ltd., “The mind of age of 70's women is young, then they particular about design and fashion sense”. So, AEON introduce the processing technique from Kyoto and Niigata in the production, and also pay attention on the raw material as well.

They estimate the age of 70's fashion selling amount will be 3 billion yen by 2015 FY.

AEON holds the concept “Senior Shift” in their growth strategy, in the concept they position over 55 years old people as Grand Generation. AEON is strengthening the service and products range targeting to those people.

According the report of the household survey, Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communication, the ratio of consuming amount over 60 years old household becomes around 50% of national consumer spending and the average of saving is over 20 million per one house hold, and the baby boomer generation (born in 1947~49) will be age of 70 in 2020.

AEON has developed PB products targeting 55 years old already, but they are ramifying generation needs and develop PB products further more. The age of 70's ladies fashion development targeting will be heat up from now on, obviously the potentiality of age of 70 market become expanding rapidly, the competition around those generation market will be aggressive  and very active surely.

Nikkei MJ, June 26, 2014


Thai Trade Center, Tokyo

Department of International Trade Promotion